Cook Islands - 2014 - 5 dollars - Happy Valentine (incl box) 

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Cook Islands - 2014 - 5 dollars - Happy Valentine (incl box) (quality: PROOF)
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incl jewel insert

Metal: Silver .999
Weight: 20 g
Size: 37x37 mm
Quality: PROOF
Mintage 2014

It is one of the few days celebrated almost throughout the world by couples in love. A finely wrought heart-shaped coin symbolizes the love and appreciation of your partner. About 1800 years ago, when Christians were still being persecuted under the Roman Empire, Bishop Valentine of Terni defied the imperial decree and performed Christian weddings. It is said that every couple received flowers from the Bishop’s garden at the ceremony and that the man of God’s benediction promised a happy future. When Emperor Claudius II. heard about the Bishop’s actions he was livid about the continuation of Christianity and had Valentine executed on 14 February AD 269. Since the 14th century the custom of Valentine’s day has spread worldwide and after eventually became popular in Central Europe after World War II. Even today couples express their love on the «day of lover» by presenting flowers like as Bishop Valentine of Terni once did

Allmost all coins are normally delivered with official boxes and certificates in case those exist. Those are not always shown in the photograph. In case of questions please contact us.